Scotland on UK Immigration Cap!

Scottish immigration secretary, Michael Russel is the latest to join many eminent education leaders of United Kingdom in protesting the nation’s plans to implement its immigration cap. The protesters from the education field claiming that the immigration cap the UK is going to have on non-European Union nationals would harm the education system of Scotland.

The immigration cap that the UK is going to have on international student visa numbers will have discouraging effect on the prospective students who are planning to immigrate to Scotland. And this further affects the country’s education system, thereby hampering the economy as a whole. Reportedly, the immigration cap on international student visas is the result of growing number of instances, where fraudulent applications being filed. The UK’s coalition government has announced its plan to introduce such cap.

The Scottish immigration secretary and university principals in a letter reminded the UK’s minister of immigration, Damian Green how international students form an integral part of the Scotland’s education system and that the community contributes a significant portion of the funding for the universities in the country. Apart from the financial aspect, cultural contributions of the students from across the globe are also a matter to be noted, the letter read! The eminent personalities from Scotland also said that due to some fraudulent cases, the genuine class of international students is also going to suffer.

In response to the letter, the immigration minister, UK, showed some hope. However, it is yet to see how the government manages to rescue the genuine international students by implementing such a cap, thereby satisfying the Scottish education leaders.

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