Seek & Get US L1 Visa Services for Successful Process

The US is home to around 318 million people, and is the third most populated country in the world. It is not only a hot immigration destination but a large number of people come to the US because of its beautiful cities. On the one hand it has densely populated cities with modern infrastructure and amenities, and on the other hand it has naturally uninhabited exotic areas.

Its economy is extremely developed and capitalist in nature, also known as mixed economy, courtesy its abundant natural resources and high level of productivity. The 2008 recession had badly hit the US economy but today the country has overcome from the realms of recession and is on its annual high.

A large number of people wish to live and work in America even if it is for a short period of time. A stamp of international experience on anyone’s CV can seriously turn the career of any professional. To meet such demand, the US has introduced L1 Visa. For those who wish to acquire the L1 Visa professional services are available in abundance.

If you intend to file a petition for the US L1 Visa, you should use the services LI Visa consultant who will explain the category in complete detail. If you will seek and get the services of such a professional, he will tell you that it is a non-immigrant category which lets companies operational in the US and overseas to easily transfer a specific class of professionals from its foreign offices to the US office, for not more than seven months, provided, the petitioner has 1 year work experience of working with a parent, subsidiary or a branch office of the company outside the country.

Companies, currently operating within the US can file a L1 petition to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to transfer employees to the US from its foreign office. Initially, a visa will be issued to the deserving candidates with a validity of up to three years which can be extended before the term expires.

Under any visa category, the US is a tough country when it comes to migration. Especially after 9/11, it has become more difficult to get a non immigrant visa such as the L1 Visa. Though the Internet is full of information regarding the same, and it seems easy, practically it’s not so. Even a small mistake can kill your dreams of acquiring a US work experience. Thereby, it is highly advisable before you file the petition, avail the services of an expert.

Two specific employer categories come under the L1 Visa realm and that is Managers/Executive and Specialized Knowledge staff. The petitioner has to satisfy the consulate that he has no intention to abandon his native nation and he intends to come back before the L1 Visa expires.

For a common man, it’s neither possible to complete the lengthy and complicated visa processing nor it’s possible to satisfy the consulate. It’s only through experienced assistance and valuable services, provided by L1 Visa expert that you can live your US immigration dreams.

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