Several Visa Options Accessible For Canada PR From India

There are many reasons that motivate a large number of the overseas immigration motivated aspirants to immigrate to Canada–the Land of Endless Opportunities. While some candidates find the nation’s visa & immigration rules flexible and thus attractive, others find the thriving economy too tempting for the object of overseas movement. Indian’s are also more interested to apply for Canada PR From India.

The pathway to Canada becomes easier if the aspiring migrant knows the different visa categories up for grabs. These categories make Canada Permanent Resident (PR) visa process from India, or for that matter any other part of the world, easier and better. Here, in this piece, we will focus on the applicants from India who wish to Apply for Canada PR from India.

Immigration Through Job offers

Express Entry

Let’s begin with this unique initiative from the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)! This is an excellent immigration programme launched by the Canadian Government on the lines of SkilleSelect, duly run and managed by Australia.

It invites all the aspirants, who wish to live in the nation. This is one of the liberal systems that allow a very promising future to the skilled and talented applicants from all over the world. Those who manage to move to the country with a Canada PR Visa receive the best that the world has to offer.

The top feature of the prized and the much sought after visa and immigration system is that it doesn’t require any specialization. The candidates from India, and elsewhere, need to submit an application, on the basis of their specific skills, and as such there is no special requirement of any particular skill. Only your possessed qualifications and experience can make your immigration easier.

Canada PR from India can be seized by filling an online form and submitting an Expression of Interest (EoI). Some specific details–like educational qualifications, professional experience, age, and language ability–will help the candidates get some crucial points.

These points will be summed up, and based upon his score his migration will be suitably facilitated. The applicants, with higher scores, will surely get first preference, but this not at all means that others will be left out with no scope.

All the applications will be placed in the talent pool even as from there, the Canadian employers and government authorities will send nominations to the lucky applicants. A person with a lesser score need not worry as he may get nominated from an employer, and after this step he will still be left with the option of registering in the job pool of the nation.

Self Employed and Investors & Entrepreneurs

As it is too well known, the Maple Leaf Country is a highly developed country and an excellent place for investment because it promotes cost effective and rewarding investments. It lays red-carpet for all those wealthy and rich people who wish to grab Canada PR from India, and from other parts of the world. Ottawa attracts immigrants from across the globe to invest and put up their share that add-on to the economy of the nation. Under its Business Visa option, there are different categories up-for-grabs that foster Canada PR from India.

Investor Visa

This particular visa category is essentially for those who wish to invest in the nation, but recently this pathway has been put on hold due to the very high number of applications received in the past. Once this backlog is fittingly cleared, the nation will start accepting new applications from the candidates for this particular visa category.


Those who know that their talent will add on to the Canadian economy can successfully move to the hotspot using this track.

Startup Visa Programme

Those who are capable of starting new ventures in the Maple Leaf Country, based upon their skills and experience that will no wonder add on to the nation’s economy, can move forward in this direction and use the programme.

Family Sponsorship

Those who have a family member in the overseas hotspot can use this visa route to move to the destination. Interestingly, a large number of Indians have one or more family member living in the Maple Leaf Country.

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