Sham Marriages on a Hike in the UK!

The quantity of Sham Marriages by illegal immigrants has shown a massive increase in the UK since the last twelve months. The figures have shown a hike of almost 54% as elaborated by Home Office. The surprising issue is that the hike is seen after the Law Lords overturned a regulation that was crafted to bar the illegal immigrants from marrying.


Recent months have witnessed various scandals and major conspiracy which involved sham marriages in a major way. Various reports pointed out in the direction that the illegal immigrants fooled Anglican Church officials and made them believe that they are bona fide couples in order to gain a right to live in the UK.

Various marriage rackets are working in an illegal manner, a facet which has further enhanced the quantity of Sham Marriages in the UK in the recent times. Reports say that these rackets make use of Eastern European spouses as they are fully bedecked with right to be in the Britain. Therefore, illegal immigrants find them an easy prey to get married and settle down in the UK.

For instance a drug addict, Dennis Baiger, 26, paid a heavy amount of money in order to hire a bogus wife but was soon jailed for the entire illegal act. Similarly Peter Abbey paid a big amount for the same cause and was jailed for an year.

According to Phil Woolas, Immigration and Visa Minister, “a marriage does not grants an Immigration status to the applicant.” Applicants would not be issued a Visa if the immigration officers doubt that the marriage is not genuine.

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