Significant Investor Visa for Australia Immigration: A Cursory Look

For the investors waiting for a way to invest in Australia, the Australian government has made the things easier. In the month of November 2012, the government introduced a new visa named significant Investor Visa for Australia Immigration. This has provided the investors a good and helpful platform to reap the benefits of the booming Australian economy.

An excellent avenue to migration is provided by this Subclass 188 Permit. The permit has made the migration process much easier to crack for the immigrants. To get this permit, there is no age restrictions, no need for any knowledge of English, and also no educational or skill qualification barrier.

Significant Investor Visa for Australia Immigration has already led to a significant increase in investment that is coming from the Asian markets to the country. The permit allows those investors to stay in Down Under for 4 years who have a capital of $5 million. Significantly, investors can apply for the prized and the much sought after Australian citizenship.

The time period that the investors have to stay in the country for getting a chance to get permanent citizenship is only 40 days a year. They are also given an opportunity to settle down even while they make their homes in the country. The concerned Australian immigration body, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has, however, barred property investment as a form of investment.

For becoming eligible for getting Significant Investor Visa for Australia Immigration, it is important that you invest in government bonds or with a privately managed company, or any other organization that manages the fund from Australian assets. The ASIC managed funds are seen to be the best for the investors to put their money in. Infrastructural and real estate investments are seen to be the best option for any investor, as they are much reliable to increase in value, and also provide good capital with little to no involvement required on the behalf of the investor.

The natural resources–found in abundance in the country–are the main reason that attracts the investors to buy properties therein. These natural resources are one of the key reasons–thanks to which the Australian economy is booming. There is also a significant increase in the employment and educational opportunities throughout the country. This has made it much easier for the investors to immigrate to the nation.

Australia is one of the few countries which had little to no effect during the global financial crisis. Major mining investment was the main reason why the Australian economy continued to grow and remained stable. Various sectors are now seen to have renewed efforts to get back into the race as they are seeing the opportunity for capital increase with the investments making it the perfect time for investors to put in their investments therein.

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