Sikhs Complaining About Racial Profiling in the US!

Of late, the Sikh community in America has come forward with complains to the nation’s lawmakers after facing many instances where they are not treated as normal Americans. It has been long that the community is experienced this. Ever since the terrorist attacks at the world Trade Center in 2001, the Sikh community is experiencing racial profiling in the nation, and now that the instances have grown in numbers of late, the community members have thought to bring the issue to the lawmakers.

A Sikh Advocacy group in the US has put the issue in front of the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties, a judicial entity in the US. According to the group racism is unfair and at the same time unsafe. It asked the lawmaking body to look into the matter and take the appropriate steps in no time. The community urged the US lawmakers to give this issue an end as soon as possible.

It is mentioned in the written testimony submitted by the United Sikhs on racial profiling to the subcommittee, how the Sikh community is often harassed in airports and many other places. It is a known fact that how Sikhs are being forced to face discriminatory treatments at airports across US, just like the Muslims. The community thinks it is completely senseless and baseless to harass them.

After the inhumane terrorist attacks in the year 2001, the United States has really been very careful. But, in the name of security, they often tend to suspect many innocent people. Over the years the instances of racial profiling have been increasing, where US minorities, or more precisely the colored people are treated as matter of suspect.

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