Simplification of Australian Student Visa Process to Prove Helpful for Indians

In a somewhat remarkable development, it has been brought to light that the current Australian administration will amend its alleged strict visa regulations, to draw additional students from the so-called high-risk nations, including India & China even while Canberra may make the student permit Assessment Level Framework (ALF) comparatively more efficient.

A key suggestion is to loosen-up the financial conditions for student visa candidates from the AL (assessment stage) 4 nations of India, Pakistan, besides Nepal. Evaluation levels, via the ALF, would be cut-down to three levels from the preceding five, even as financial proof for the AL3 students would decrease from one-and-a-half year to just one year, if funds arrive from a close family member of the student-candidate. As per the concerned Australian minister, it would denote that students from numerous key markets would be in a position to file a petition for a student permit with as much as 40, 000 Australian Dollars (about 2.3 million in Indian rupees) fewer in the bank.

Meanwhile, the suggestions to make the ALF more efficient has gone down very well with many what with the Australian education & training providers and other professionals involved with the industry hailing the same in glowing words. Allegedly, the previous regime’s severe student visa strategies had resulted in the shutting down of several privately-run and owned educational establishments across the nation. The past 4 to 5 years have also witnessed a remarkable decrease in registrations from India, which still happens to be the Kangaroo Land’s second biggest source of global students.

According to a Melbourne-based higher-ranking vocational training professional with Indian roots–in its enthusiasm to purportedly improve the much-criticized global education domain–the Labour regime went on to destroy many small to intermediate vocational training establishments. His views is shared by other experts involved with international education or associated industries even as in this connection a registered migration consultant reportedly observed that finally some wisdom has been re-established to the student permit scheme with key modifications proclaimed involving the way student permits will be duly reviewed. He added that the previous regime was guilty for adopting a defective approach to the foreign student market.

However, despite the fact that the grant rate of the permit has swelled noticeably, more than 70%, for Indian students in the past financial year, the figure of students beginning studies in the country is still not anywhere the levels touched during 2009. As per the concerned Australian organization, though during 2008-09, students from India were responsible for 1 out of every 5 student permit submission filed (22%), & given (20%), during 2010-11, the same has gone down to 14% % 12% in that order.

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