Long & Short of Singapore LPR Visa

Long & Short of Singapore LPR Visa

Singapore is a favorite immigration destination for the millions of people from across the world with India being no exception. Actually, amongst the prospective immigrants from India, this nation enjoys unmatched popularity and acceptance. The reason is not hard to find. It is not far from India. Singapore has a strong Tamil population. It offers almost all the benefits of western world though it is located in Asia.

Singapore LPR Visa

This takes us to the title of the write-up: Singapore Landed Permanent Residence Visa. This particular visa is for those professionals who wish to work, stay and settle in the country in their capacities as permanent residents, and who also are keen on making a move to the country. The visa under discussion is the best path for the purpose of immigrating to the destination. In case one is rather talented, or is quite experienced, there simply cannot be a better option or alternative for him.

Under the scheme of Singapore LPR Visa, one may apply for permanent residency of the country even while he may still be doing a job and living abroad. LPR signals that the government of the nation is prepared to give one permanent residence permit provided he actually relocates to the country in question. When one’s application for the LPR receives a green signal, it shows that he now has a seal of approval from the government of the country, despite the fact some work may still remain to be looked into.

The involved person will have a year at his disposal to get suitably employed and relocate to the country. Annually, though thousands of individuals become the proud permanent residents of the nation, not everyone goes through an application process which is similar in nature. Application for the purpose of Permanent Residence Permit can be submitted for the entire family, including the applying individual, apart from his or her partner and also unmarried kids who are not above the age of 21.

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