Singapore Visa Requirements

Visiting islands itself called a great activity of exploring fun and joy – if it attracts you – then nothing will be the most suitable destination for you except Singapore, consisted of many small and large islands and known for having a pleasurable atmosphere. Visiting Singapore requires a visa that is issued to those who are capable of satisfying all the necessary requirements.

In order to collect important information related to it and spot the recent updates, the applicants are suggested to visit the website of Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) – concerned for managing all the requirements for visitors entry, tourist travel and many such issues.

While visiting the country, the visitors need to make sure that they have a valid Singapore visa – in case of not having a visa – the visitors will be restricted entering in the country.

So, this must be taken into consideration by all the intending applicants – who need to have depth knowledge of visa application – consisted of submitting the filled application form along with various documents. Here is an important list of all such documents that must be provided by all the applicants.

  1. The applicants must have a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity
  2. Must have a valid visa, if possible
  3. Need to produce a confirm returning ticket
  4. The applicants must be able support themselves financially in Singapore during their stay
  5. The applicants must have a Yellow Fever Vaccination and Embarkation card

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