Skill Shortages in Australia, Says Survey!

A global business consultancy firm conducted a survey based on which it was found that the current boom in Australia has led to lower levels of unemployment. It has also led to a higher demand for foreign skilled migrants to cater to the local labor markets which is in short of the relevant skills. This trend is foreseen to increase in the future.

The Skilled Migration Survey 2010 has been brought out by KPMG. As per this report, many employers have no other option but to recruit skilled migrants in order to cater to the constant demand of skilled professionals. It also stated that certain states like South Australia and Queensland are undergoing a shortage of skills. In order to cater to this problem, these employers were told to hire skilled migrants under the temporary employer sponsored visa scheme.

On the other hand, when it comes to Western Australia, the immigration programs have been in use for quite sometime now. The region has clearly benefited from these programs as the labor market could be catered to skilled professionals under the skilled migration programs.

An analysis was conducted on the key skills which were being brought into the nation on the 457 visas. This analysis revealed that the most sought after skilled migrants were engineers. Apart from this, other shortages included those of manufacturing/operations, construction and tradespeople. The main reason behind this shortage has been the constant inflow of resources along with investments being made by the government for infrastructure development.

It was also found that 85% of the employers who participated said that their businesses were not affected due to the financial crisis experienced globally. More so, half of their businesses are short of skilled workers.

Another 60% employers were found to have kept their intake of skilled migration at a constant level at 14%. More so, they have decreased their level of intake when it comes to skilled migrants.

On the other hand, 80% employers were also bothered about the ageing work force which is being faced by the nation. These employers are expecting this problem to hit them in the coming five years. Another 60% employers feel that improvements need to be brought about in the skilled migration program in order to cater to the ageing population.

Above all, it is important that these findings are noted by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Here, it is important to act soon before it is too late and the national economy is impacted.

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