Skilled Retail Trade Supervisors Welcome to Exploit Canada Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program

The beautiful Canadian province of Nova Scotia has made public its latest skilled worker immigration program, known as the Regional Labour Market Demand Stream, even as several occupations have been proclaimed in-demand. Remarkably, the scheme neither necessitates an employment offer or any permission of a sponsoring recruiter/job-provider. The fresh Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program In-demand Occupation list boasts of nearly 43 professions listed under the Regional Labour Market Demand stream even as the occupation of Retail Trade Supervisors has been listed under the NOC 0621.

Against this backdrop, those who are skilled Retail Trade Supervisors, and motivated with Canada immigration, are advised to show their interest in the provincial program even while they obtain the cherished permanent residence position in the country. The aspirants can move to the interesting Canadian province, world-renowned for its apples, blue berries, lobster and fish, and of course, lofty tides. Significantly, the province is one of the four Atlantic Provinces located on the Maple Leaf Country’s east coast.

Retail Trade Supervisors: Work Profile

These in-demand experts perform several important duties such as:

  1. Manage and organize sales workers & cashiers;
  2. Approve payments, via cheque and also the return of goods;
  3. Give sales employees duties and get ready work agendas;
  4. Put up for sale products to clients;
  5. Resolve issues that occur, like customer grievances and supply scarcities;
  6. Continue specific inventory and order products;
  7. Employ and train or ensure the training of fresh sales manpower; and
  8. Get ready reports involving sales quantities, merchandising & personnel issues.

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program

The scheme is duly tailored at picking-up individuals who cater to the particular labour market needs of the area, and wish to live in the area permanently. Such skilled candidates may file a petition for permanent resident permit for the Maple Leaf Country, via the Provincial Nominee Program.

It is not essential that the candidates have a permanent, full-time offer of job from a Nova Scotia based company/organization, when they are submitting their applications for provincial nomination. However, it is rather vital that they intend to get professionally engaged with a line-of-work that is in-demand in the province. The applicants will do well to ensure that their occupation finds mention on the in-demand occupation list, even as they spot one with which they are most closely involved with.

This class basically targets people whose expertise and experience cater to the labour market requirements of Nova Scotia. As mentioned before, it is not vital for the aspirants to possess an offer of job offer at the time of presenting their submissions. But, it is quite crucial that they intend to do a job in a line-of-work that has been chosen as ‘in demand’ by the region.


To make the cut under the steam, the candidates need to:

  1. Be somewhere from 21 to 55 years.
  2. Exhibit language skills of not less than level 5.
  3. Be involved with a proposed line-of-work in Nova Scotia that is regarded skilled (NOC levels 0, A or B), and is also in-demand in their planned society of residence.
  4. Be lawfully living in current nation of residence.
  5. Have concluded a high school level of education & obtained not less than either of these–a degree, diploma or certificate–from a renowned post-secondary establishment.
  6. Have not less than two years of nonstop, permanent employment experience in the previous 5 years related to proposed profession in the province.
  7. Display the capability to become economically well set in the province.
  8. Show aim to reside in the region on a permanent basis.
  9. Be present at an interview in the province, in case the need arises for the same.
  10. Conclude an Employment and Settlement Plan delineating their possible contributions to the region.

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