Skills Shortage List Modified in New Zealand!

A new set of jobs have been added to the list of skill shortages in New Zealand. So now, it would be easier for forest scientists, automotive technicians, ship’s officers, scaffolders and ship’s masters to obtain a work permit to seek employment in the nation. These amends were announced recently and would be implemented on 8th September. The changes have been brought about in the LTSSL or the Long Term Skill Shortage List and the ISSL or the Immediate Skill Shortage List.

The ISSL caters to all those occupations which are in need of skilled workers in the labor market of New Zealand where as LTSSL aids to the long term as well as the shortages catering to globally. The Department of Labor assesses these lists twice in a year.

The occupations of automotive technicians and scaffolders would be under the ISSL where as Ship’s masters and ship’s officers along with forest scientists would be included in the LTSSL.

At the same time, the LTSSL would not include the occupation of architects. Also, another thirteen jobs would be omitted which mainly are in the category of building, design as well as racing industries. These occupations would be deleted from the ISSL.

According to Nigel Bickle, Head, Immigration New Zealand, there are shortage of skills in certain niche areas. So, the amendments would cater to the needs of the local people who would not lose out while looking for employment opportunities.

The amends were brought about after broad consultation. However, candidates are still permitted to apply despite their occupation not being mentioned in the list. Although, the employer or the organization recruiting the migrants has to prove that he has made all the attempts to hire local people for the same.

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