Small Offences Can Lead to Cancellation of New Zealand Visas

A recent report from a reliable source has revealed that the Government of New Zealand has recently decaled a new rule for its immigrants. Under this latest legislation, immigrants convicted of small offences like violation of various traffic rules, may not be issued with visas for further stay in the country.

The said report has also mentioned that now the immigration officers can reject visa applications of those, who commit minor offences. In this connection, an immigration spokesperson of New Zealand was quoted as saying that this rule will also be applicable to offences like shoplifting, burglary, disorderly behaviour, drink-driving and cannabis possessing or cultivating.

The spokesperson has also expressed that any applicant convicted of a criminal activity at any given time in this Land of Kiwi, will come under this immigration law, for which the court of law can impose at least 3 months imprisonment to the candidate.

According to this new rule, people who have received or would receive, a notice of deportation liability, as the consequence of a criminal activity, but who either depart during the appeal period of  28 days or prior to the period of receiving the order of deportation, can now decline for a further visa. However, pursuant to the previous rules of immigration, there was no such denial term for immigrants.

Besides these, the immigration officials are allowed to use their discretion to issue visa in exceptional cases, while this would be excessively harsh to reject a visa to the applicant. The recent amendments are part of the efforts made by the agency to ensure that the unwanted immigrants and visitors don’t come into or stay in the nation.

The said report has also revealed that New Zealand government would start fining those airlines, which don’t perform the job of proper immigration checks on the boarding of the passengers in New Zealand flights.

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