So You Are Skilled Worker, Interested in Migrating to Australia!

Australia is a very prosperous country having impressive economic stability; in fact, the best across the globe. Now-a-days, a large number of people, from all over the world, are migrating to this world-famous immigration hotspot due to its fabulous visa facility and amazingly high economic growth.

As mentioned a short while ago, a remarkable figure of folks are willing to migrate to Oz and against this backdrop, it is not possible for everyone to migrate there. But yes, if you are a skilled worker, interested in migrating to Australia, then you need not to worry at all because in the Kangaroo Land, there are some specific facilities for trained persons even as they are welcomed by the government.

In fact, it’s very easy for them to get a visa. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has made available several categories of permits. One of these categories is the well-known General Skilled Migrant (GSM) Program. In this scheme, any skilled aspirant can apply if he is not being sponsored by his employer even as he is interested in immigration to Oz in order to fulfill their wish.

Before proceeding for permit, it is necessary for the candidate that he fulfills the bare minimum requirements or eligibility. The conditions on the basis of which the eligibility of an immigrant is evaluated are:

  1. Age should be within 45 years
  2. Language skills- most preferably competent English skills
  3. Professional skills and qualifications
  4. Work experience –should be 1 year or more than that
  5. In case zero work experience, he should follow the Australian qualification immunity
  6. Nominated occupation should be approved and mentioned on the MODL list

Though these are the basic requirements, they (the Australian immigration officials) may also consider medical and security assessment along with financial strength while reviewing your application.

If in any case the aspirant wants to take his family with him, he is most welcome. Still, there are some formalities which are to be filled up by the candidate. The applicant has to submit a petition along with his principal application for his family. Family members can be listed as wife/husband, or any lawful partner, children under 18 and depending members of family. In case the child is above 18, he has to give some valid reasons to take his child with him, or has to prove that his child is still dependent upon him.

If you are wondering that how to complete the application process, don’t worry! Here are some tips for you.

Submissions can be availed, filled and submitted with the help of a professional immigration agent or consultancy. These are individual and group of individuals catering to the aspiring migrants’ needs for visa application and processing. These individuals and companies charge a free for their professional services, and assist in all spheres of visa petition filing and submission.

Fake Visa Consultants

Over the years, many scammers have cropped up. These fraudsters are there whose work is to tempt people for visa and to rob them. Now-a-days, this type of scam is very common. So, be on your guard, and beware of these types of modern robbers! Only follow experts in this case. Don’t take a chance! One of the reasons behind this scamming is migration costs even as not many people know about the migration law, visa submission requirements, etc. Hence, be on your guard against such frauds!

Summing-up, in case you are a trained worker and interested in moving to Australia, you would be, pleased to learn that the nation has a quite flexible and open permit and immigration policy for individuals like you even as it welcomes them with open arms. You may not only easily obtain a Skilled Worker Permit but also the country’s cherished permanent residency (PR) condition.

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