Some Important Canadian Immigration News Briefs for March 2013

Does Canada immigration inspire you? And do you wish to get Canadian immigration news briefs for March 2013? If YES, here below is given a summary of the chief developments involving the Citizenship & Immigration Canada, which occurred and/or were proclaimed during the said month.

Quebec Extends Existing Skilled Worker Requirements: Quebec proclaimed that it will extend the time-frame of the existing Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW) program. Earlier, fixed to admit submissions until March 31, 2013, the QSW program will continue to do so until July 31st, 2013 even as the said extension is specifically helpful to those qualified aspirants who are busy working towards concluding their submissions, prior to the current QSW program undergoes any changes. July 31 will also signal the conclusion of a temporary prohibition on fresh submissions being admitted, via the Quebec Entrepreneur and Self-Employed & Quebec Investor programs.

Ottawa Set to Improve Temporary Foreign Worker Scheme: The Canadian administration has declared that it will take certain measures to change the nation’s temporary foreign worker arrangement to make certain that qualified nationals are not ignored for jobs. This plan has mentioned many fresh steps which will be adopted to give preference to the recruitment of the country’s permanent residents & citizens.

Apparently, the Maple Country continues to undergo remarkable labour & skill shortages across numerous regions even as the nationals–looking for jobs–ought to always be offered a preference for the many existing job-openings. During the year gone by, more than 200,000 temporary overseas workers gained admission into the nation.

Americans Number 1 Unlawful Overseas Workers: The involved organization–Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA)–discovered 54 US nationals busy working without a valid permission in Canada in 2012. This figure makes the US the biggest source of unlawful labour from abroad even while the nation was followed by the Philippines, India, Ireland, Israel, China, etc. There is no requirement whatsoever from the people from the US, Israel, and Ireland to possess a permit to gain admission into Canada even as, allegedly, this easy admission to the country could lead to some people unintentionally violating the terms & conditions of their stay in the nation.

In this connection, an involved person observed that the passport holders of Israel do not require a permit to gain admission into the Maple Country, nor do American citizens or permanent residents. And those– who wish to know who’s most likely to overstay a Tourist Permit–would be those, minus a Special Permit. While high figures from other nations could reveal the general immigration trends, China, India, & the Philippines happen to be the three biggest contributors of migrants to Canada. And, in the matter of overseas manpower, the US is the biggest source nation of employees in the Maple Country.

Important Canadian immigration news briefs for March 2013 include, amongst others, Quebec extends current skilled worker requirements, Ottawa set to improve temporary foreign worker arrangement, and Americans number 1 unauthorized overseas employees.

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