Some Key US Immigration Visa Routes at a Glance

The United States of America or the US is one the most renowned and popular immigration destinations worldwide. The country is the ‘land of endless promises’ and is better known the ‘land where sun never sets’. The North American nation is federal republic, and consists of 50 states and 1 federal district. Due to large number of people migrating to US annually, it has become ethnically diverse and multi-cultural. Majority of people speak universal language, i.e., English.

Immigration to the US is a fairly complex demographic occurrence even as it has been a primary source of population augmentation & cultural change during much of the nation’s history. The US immigration process run and managed by the concerned visa and immigration organization, the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), is one of the most difficult in world.
Any loophole or false information provided can see your visa application being terminated permanently. Inspite of high difficulty levels, and a very rigorous immigration and visa process, the number of applications submitted every year is only increasing day-by-day, thanks to the plethora of wonderful and rewarding opportunities that the nation gives to the deserving aspirants from all categories. Either one is an investor and wishes to make handsome investments in the country, or a skilled worker keen to gain a well-paying job; the immigration hotspot does not let anyone down.

Other main reason is the country’s impressive and unmatched economic growth and all round prosperity. The US has one of the strongest economies and the highest GDP. The country is peaceful in nature with excellent environment. Its economic prosperity attracts thousands of immigrants annually.

To cater to the growing needs of the aspirants, the US has over 60 types of non-permanent US visas in addition to several routes that lead to the prized Permanent Residence (PR) status.

Major US Immigration Visa Paths

Some of the options available for US immigration are as follows:

  • B1 Business Visitor valid only for six months is for business people making sales, conducting negotiations, attending meetings and seeking investments.
  • H1B Speciality Occupation Worker valid only for six Years is for people with the comparable of a US Bachelor Degree (Foreign degrees and/or employment experience may be considered comparable to a US bachelor degree).
  • L1A Intra Company Transferee valid only for seven Years is for executives or managers who have worked for at least one year during the past three for a foreign parent, subsidiary, affiliate, or branch office of the US Company that will employ them.
  • L1B Intra-Company Transferee valid only for five Years is for the specialized knowledge employees who have worked for at least one year during the past three for an overseas parent, subsidiary, member or branch office of the future US recruiter.
  • E1 Treaty Trader for minimum duration of two years with a possibility of extension is for staff to direct and develop import/export trade between the US and the treaty country.
  • E2 Treaty Investor for minimum duration of two years with a possibility of extension is for staff to direct and develop investments made in the US by a treaty country national/company.
  • Permanent residence first preference priority worker category for indefinite period is for international managers and executives. Also for aliens with extraordinary ability and outstanding Professors/Researchers.
  • Permanent residence second preference priority worker category for indefinite period is for professionals with advanced degrees or those with exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business.
  • Permanent Residence third preference worker category for indefinite period is for Professionals with basic degrees, and skilled workers. Also “other workers” who have less than two years of relevant experience.

Apart from the above options, the most important and desired of all is the “Green Card” it is employment based and a life time prize for almost every immigrant. In order to become a permanent resident, you must obtain an immigration visa number. The US law limits the number of immigrant visas available each year.

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