Something about Harvard University and F1 Visa!

According to reports, lakhs of overseas applicants come to the United States every year with intentions to study further. Overseas students, especially Indians find ample reasons to move to US Universities, with Harvard being one of them.

The University ranks first all over the globe and offers more than three thousand courses to students who come to study here from all over the world. The University applauds those students who are decked with high intellectual imagination, brilliant character and capacity to come out with better judgment.

The University was established in the 1636 and since then, it has retained its position of being one of the highly acclaimed institutions in the global arena. Students from all over the world find it their fortune to study in this prestigious institution and hence, go on to become some of the best individuals.

Now here is some useful information for those intending to immigrate here. F-1 Visa is something which can prove to be an extremely beneficial aspect for overseas applicants intending to apply for a student visa. An overseas student can come to the US and stay there till the time he remains a student. After the completion of the course, the student applicant has the freedom to reside in the US for a span of 1 year and get OPT (Optional Practical Training)

In order to receive a student visa, one needs to fulfill all the mandatory requirements and see to it that he or she gets admission in a recognized university before commencing further. Guidance from a Student Visa Expert would add on to the benefit.

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