South Australia Updates State Sponsorship List 2015

South Australia is a mixture of both beauty and opportunity. On the one hand it is known for its vibrant culture, beaches and wines; on the other hand, it gives excellent opportunities to the prospective immigrants to join its local work force. Annually, 100s of 1000s of migrants, from every corner of the world, come to the nation even while a major chunk of them wishes to settle in South Australia (SA) alone.

The state sponsorship list makes easy for you to obtain skilled visa from the Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection (DIBP). The SA government sponsors skilled worker with required experience and skills who want to live and work in SA for a longer period of time. If you meet the required criteria, your visa application is fast processed.

The latest news for the prospective immigrates is that South Australia has updated its State Sponsorship list for 2015. The recently announced state sponsor list is broadly divided in two parts–the first is the State Occupation List, and the second is Supplementary Skilled List.

State Occupation List (SOL)

This list is updated every year and includes a list of occupations that are currently ‘in-demand’ in SA. If you aspire to obtain state nomination in SA under the General Skilled Migration Programme (GSM), you must be a practitioner of an occupation mentioned on the SOL unless you successfully meet the criteria for the Supplementary Skilled List.

Supplementary Skilled List

This has been introduced for the first time and applicable for limited number of applicants. It is open for international graduates who have either obtained a graduate or a higher degree from the university/college in SA, or the applicants must have worked for maximum one year in SA in any of the skilled occupations, or else have a close family member living in SA as a Permanent Resident who may financial support you while they look for a job in SA.

Following is the South Australia updates regarding state sponsorship list 2015         

  1. Age: you must be of 50 years or below at the time of submitting your application.
  2. Commitment towards SA: An applicant must give a strong commitment to live and work in SA, for minimum two years with a clear prospective of longer settlement.
  3. Skilled assessment: You must duly get your skills assessed from the relevant authorized authority.
  4. Occupation: The occupation must be clearly mentioned on the State Nominated Occupation List, or meet the criteria for supplementary occupation list.
  5. Experience: You must have a maximum one year of skilled experience in the last three years. However, some occupations ask for a higher experience, and if you are an international graduate of SA, work experience may be waived for you.
  6. Language proficiency: You must successfully meet the criteria for English language under your chosen profession. But nationals form certain nations need not prove their language proficiency.
  7. Finance l: You must be able to prove that you have enough funds to support you living in SA while you search for a job.

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