Sponsor your Siblings or Adult Child for New Zealand!

The Sibling and Adult Child Policy” is sketched to accelerate the entry of siblings and adult children of New Zealand residents, so that they may live with their family together in the land of Kiwis.

Undertakings of sponsors

  • The sponsor must ensure that the relatives get adequate accommodation in New Zealand. In addition, it is a must to provide accommodation and financial support during the first two years (if necessary)
  • Repay the Crown any cost due to the Crown, resulting from the failure to meet the obligations.

Sponsor must be:

  • Aged a minimum of 17 years or above.
  • Should be residing in New Zealand. He must be a New Zealand citizen or has a Residence Permit (for at least 3 years before the date of you apply)
  • It is mandatory that the sponsor has spent a total of a minimum of 184 days in each of the mentioned three years in New Zealand.

Applicants may be granted Residence if they have:

  • A sponsor who is a NZ citizen and holds a relation with the applicant as a Parent, brother or sister.
  • No other sibling or parent residing in the same country in which the applicants are living.
  • An offer of employment from an employer in a New Zealand firm:
    1. The offer must be for ongoing and permanent employment with a single employer.
    2. The employment must be Full-Time and attired with full registration.
    3. The offer letter must be genuine and current at the time of the assessment the application.
    4. It must be for a position that is paid by wages.

Consult an Immigration and Visa expert for more info on the same.

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