Sponsoring Your Family to Canada!


Are you someone who is looking to reunite with your loved one in Canada? You have landed on the right page. A Canadian citizen or someone who holds a permanent resident (PR) status in Canada has the right to sponsor his/her spouse/ dependant child/ conjugal partner/ common-law partner, parents and (only in some provinces) other relatives who fulfill the eligibility criteria to gain a permanent resident (PR) status in the Canada.

The term “Family Class” has been given to people who are eligible for the sponsorship. According to the regulations by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), if applicant fulfills the eligibility to become a PR in Canada, he or she would have the freedom to get employed, study and reside in the nation. Visit http://www.abhinav.com/canada.htm for more info in Canada General Skilled Migrant Visa.

The person coming to the nation as a PR must fulfill all the mandates and give every possible effort in providing for the crucial needs of self as well as the clan.

If the person is sponsoring a relative to come to the country as a Canadian resident, he or she has the onus to support the relative in financial matter after the arrival. As a sponsor, the onus is on him to ensure that the spouse/relative or the person coming for a PR is not taking any kind of financial assistance, for a certain stipulated period, from the Canadian government.

Sponsoring your relative: Procedure

One can sponsor a relative if he is a citizen of Canada or hold a PR status in the country. The process of sponsoring a relative starts once the application is filed to become a sponsor. There are two ways a person can sponsor the family:

  • First process is made in use for providing sponsorship to Spouses and Dependant Children
  • Second process is used in giving sponsorship to other eligible relatives.

Sponsoring Spouses and Dependent Children

A citizen of Canada or someone who holds a PR can provide sponsorship to his or her spouse or dependant children (if applicable) who are intending to seek permanent residency in Canada.

Application Process

  • The citizen or the PR of Canada intending to provide sponsorship to spouses/dependant child must apply as a sponsor. It is mandatory for both the parties to fulfill the essential requirements decked with the process.
  • It is vital for the applicants planning to come to Canada to go through various checks including medical screening and criminal and background checks. If found ineligible to clear either, the applicant may be barred from entering the premises.
  • Certificates of police records and essential documents must be provided by the applicants to gain sponsorship. Shoot a mail at [email protected] to know eligibility criteria and other sponsorship details.

Sponsoring Your Eligible Relatives

As a citizen of Canada, or someone who holds a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa, he or she can provide sponsorship to relatives under the Family Class program. Not all relatives qualify to get sponsorship under this program. It is vital for both the parties (person sponsoring as well as those intending to immigrate to Canada as PR) to fulfill the requirements linked with the immigration process. These include medical and criminal screening and giving the proof of a genuine background, to name a few. For more details, visit www.abhinav.com

Just drop a mail at [email protected] to know which of the relatives are eligible to be sponsored and clear all your doubts on visa sponsorship application process for family relations!

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