Stages of Assessment for Chefs Migrating to Australia

Have a passion for cooking and serving it in the most beautiful manner? That is exactly what a chef would do, which is why there are in high demand in Australia. So, if you are chef, with the best trained culinary skills and a verve of dishing out some of the best dishes, Australia PR visa provides you with an opportunity to succeed, upscale your talent on a global level.

Migrating to Australia as a chef is possible and a profession that opens the doors for you at some of the worlds most renowned and even Michelin starring restaurants. You can apply for Australia Immigration as a chef via the pathways of Skilled Independent 189, the Skilled Nominated 190, the Skilled Regional 491. Just look for the ANZSCO Code 351311 on the Australia Skilled Occupation List, and be ready to get a permanent residency visa via independent, state or skilled regional nomination.

If you are an Indian chef looking to migrate to Australia as a chef all you require is a 3 years of employment experience as an Asian chef with relevant official training or and if you have acquired 5 years of employment experience as an Asian Chef you will require no formal training at all.

Formal training is the type of training that must be in accordance with the national training standards in the country you have received from your country of origin. You must have worked in your occupation for a minimum of 12 months within the last 3 years.Migrate to Australia as ChefChefs who want to Migrate to Australia need to get their skills assessed, checked and verified by Trades Recognition Australia with a Chef Skills Assessment. The process involves your document assessment that takes place between two to three months.

For this, you must upload your evidence before you make any payment for your assessment, as you will not be able to lodge any extra evidence after you have paid. It is mandatory to submit Employment evidence like Licenses, Photographs and videos, Resume / CV and Paid proof.

The Stage 2 of the process involves applicants in non-licensed trades, wherein it is required to complete a technical interview, that is conducted face to face, and the assessor asks question about your relevant skills and knowledge required to work as a chef in Australia.

Spanning for 2 hours during the interview you will be required to submit your current passport and Technical Interview Admission Voucher.

Check Your Eligibility

Finally, when your results come, your assessor will not be in a position to provide information at the end of the technical interview. This interview is only a form of the assessment process, wherein the results will be available and sent to the address.

If you are successful candidate you will be sent a migration outcome letter that supports your Australia PR Visa application, an Australian Certificate III or IV qualification in your trade area as well as a statement of results the units you are competent for.

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