Student Visa Policy in Australia to be amended!

It is being expected that the student visa policies in Australia would soon be amended after a meeting between Chris Bowen, the Immigration Minister for Australia with some important industry bodies. Those who attended the meeting said that it was positive and the government has been understanding of the problems and suggesting of the plans which could address the concerns.

The current visa policy has been criticized by many industry bodies terming it as being inconsistent and irrelevantly strict when it comes to the eligibility criteria. It was being complained that the immigration officials from Australia who were based abroad were catering to policies inconsistently with certain nationals from nations. These people were subject to higher scrutiny than others.

For instance, the applicants coming from the Czech Republic are interviewed in about eighty percent of the cases. This is done despite knowing that the nation has a low-risk rating officially. According to Sue Blundell, the Chief Executive for English Australia, this simply caters to weakening the level of confidence.

Many groups are lobbying for the eligibility criteria to be made more flexible when it comes to the student visa. This also caters to reducing the total funds that the visa applicants have to show in order to eligible.

It has been observed that the number of foreign students enrolling to Australian universities has decreased drastically. This has been a severe blow to the international industry which caters to about $18 billion which is an important source of revenue for the universities in Australia.

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