Subcategory 189 – An Excellent Australian Skilled Migration Visa

Australian Skilled Migration Visa

Do you have the necessary skills to propel the Australian economy to dizzying heights? Is your line-of-work in demand in the country? If yes, get a Australian Skilled Migration Visa and move to the destination of your choice!

Australian Skilled Migration Visa permits extremely qualified migrants to move to Oz on a permanent basis, to fill shortages in the Australian labour force.

Australian Skilled Migration Visa
Australian Skilled Migration Visa

Subcategory 189

Apply for the Visa Subcategory 189. It will be an excellent choice for you.

This points-based visa is basically meant for the trained employees who do not have sponsorship from a recruiter/firm, an Australian state or territory, or a family member.

With the said visa, you can reside and work permanently anywhere in the Kangaroo Land even while your qualified family members can be made a part of your application.

This is a permanent visa and enables the visa-holders to be in the country with full work rights.

With a view to present a legally valid petition for the visa you require to first present an Expression of Interest (EoI), via SkillSelect.

Petition Conditions

Since the petitions are by invitation only, with a view to get an invitation, you must, among others:

  1. Possess the necessary experience in a nominated vocation on the nation’s Skilled Occupations List (SOL).
  2. Possess a skills assessment with the pertinent assessing power for that particular line-of-work.
  3. Present an Expression of Interest (EOI).
  4. Be more than 18 years old and less than 50 years at the time of the release of the invitation.
  5. Fulfil the general Skilled Migration basic conditions, comprising English language skills, health, and character checks.
  6. And, last but not the least get at least 60 points on the points test.

Will employing a migration consultant make it easy to get an Australian Migration Visa & successfully migrate to Down Under?

Yeah–such professionals are there to make your life better, handle the bureaucracy and formalities, and eventually secure a successful outcome to your Australia visa petition. It’s true that even the most hard-working web users find going through the official Australian Immigration site rather puzzling, and that’s without even starting to develop your own exclusive case around your specific emigrating situations.

Clearly this is a joint work between you and your immigration consultant, and even as it is true that that it is a passionate roller coaster of a voyage the team at Abhinav are here to neutralize the roadblocks, guarantee we get the breakthroughs, and secure a positive result for you. To put it in simple words, we take care of the rough & hard work for you, in the process, leaving you absolutely free to focus on the fun sides of beginning a completely new life in your dream destination.

Call us TODAY! We will help you get an Australian Skilled Migration Visa inside the shortest possible time, and in the easiest way.

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