Subclass 457 Visa Plan Scrapping Bad for Permanent Resident Programme for Australia

Do you know that the, thanks to the reported scrapping of the Subclass 457 Visa Plan, the Permanent Resident Programme for Australia will be severely affected?

Yes, most important updates have come from the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), and as per these, the sub-class 457 Visa has been exposed to an overhaul, and such a step would severely dent the prospects of the hospitality sector in the country!

As per some observers on the issue, Permanent Resident Programme for Australia has been governed by the Subclass 457 Visa even as the new changes will completely disrupt the hospitality sector in the nation.

Under the Subclass 457 Visa the key roles like restaurant managers, bakers and cooks will completely feel that their days have been counted in Down Under. As scrapping of the visa would mean that the core sectors will be brought on their knee. The hospitality industry in the Kangaroo Land has been completely reliant on the skilled workers from abroad, to manage its regular day-to-day functioning, and such a stance by the in-office Malcolm Turnbull Government will lead to instant job loss for almost 3000 workers working in numerous restaurants that will completely wash out the trust in the immigration department.

Permanent Resident Programme for Australia
Permanent Resident Programme for Australia

Allegedly, such a stance will not print a rosy picture of the country in the eye of the immigrants.

The hospitality sector in Australia has been already facing acute skill shortage, and such stand will lead to terrible situation in the tourism sector as well as 70% of the front house managers on the Subclass 457 visa. If the government follows the same model and does not work towards bettering the prospects and living up to a stipulated standards, then most of the candidates moving to the nation on the Sub-class visas will always have their share of apprehensions that someday or one-day they too will face the wrath of the DIBP, which will severely hurt the sentiments of the immigrants.

At the same time, even for the family of the workers, who are holding the Sub-class 457 Visa, such a take will left them in shivers as their sole bread and butter depends on this visa. With the talent pool in the nation already about to shrink, on the account of the scrapping of the sub-said class, the Permanent Resident Programme for Australia will also be impacted.

Without a proper infrastructure scrutinized and maintained to facilitate the immigration to the nation on a much more oriented and organized mode of movement it will certainly be risky at the moment to submit an application for the Permanent Resident Programme for Australia which has already been affected badly by the scrapping of the Subclass 457 visa.

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