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Australia Visa Application Forms

It’s hard to say since when Australia really became a very hot immigration destination but every year the number of people, who wish to immigrate to the country, has been increasing non-stop. Though Australia is immigrant-friendly even as close to 26% of its population today is composed of the immigrants, yet it’s not an easy task to immigrate to it.

Australia Visa Application Forms
Australia Visa Application Forms

The reason: candidates have to follow rigid immigration process and submit error-free visa applications, that too on time, using the appropriate visa stream, and clearing the personal interview (if called). The procedure is not only lengthy but also pretty time consuming. The waiting period can stretch to a couple of months or over a year.

A lot has already been written and talked about the country’s immigration process and immigration programmes, but it is also vital to know about the Australia Visa Application Forms which vary depending on the specific visa stream you want to apply.

It is the first and foremost essential step to initiate the immigration procedure. It is mandatory that you submit a visa application form depending on the particular visa stream you have chosen. Remember: an incomplete visa application form will be either rejected, or delayed, or not entertained at all.

The major concern of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) is to have the complete details of the candidate, and it is through the visa application form that the consulate or immigration officer knows about the candidate. Thus, it is important that the visa application form is filled in a neat handwriting, with no errors, spelling or grammatical mistakes. An error or a mistake can put a permanent full stop to your immigration dreams.


To ‘stay on the safer side’ or avoid silly mistakes, you must first carefully read the form, make yourself familiar with various terms and conditions, and requirements, and only once you have fully understood the form in detail and are well prepared to fill it, go for it.

The immigration officers at the DIBP are fairly experienced and can catch the cheaters really fast, and so you must not even think of playing a game with them. And at times before a visa is granted, you can be called for an interview. You will be checked against the information you have provided on your visa application form, and if any discrepancy is found, and your answer do not match with those given on the visa application form, your application can be rejected at once. You can even be prohibited from re-applying any time in the future.

A Piece of Advice

It may happen that you fail to understand certain points at certain stages. Instead of providing false or random information, write ‘Not Applicable’ or simply N/A, and if you wish to give some extra information, instead of scribbling on the visa application form, attach an extra sheet of paper.

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