Success of Skilled Workers in Australia Project Statistics!

A new survey on Australian immigration reveals the success of skilled workers who are living and working in Australia on Australian visas. The “Continuous Survey of Australia’s Migrants” was brought out by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). This report assesses the jobs which cater to immigrants. In other words, these are the occupations which are sponsored by the employers for the skilled migrants.

According to the survey, of the total number of migrants, sixty percent are employed in management. In other words, ninety percent of the professions are skilled occupations. The Immigration Minister for Australia, Chris Bowen, while announcing the results spoke of the skilled migration scheme and its success.

As per the Minister, the results clearly project the advantages of the employer sponsorship which is a part of the skilled migration intake for Australia. He also said that the immediate vacancies are filled with the help of the employer sponsored pathway which is highly driven by demand. Workforce for such positions cannot be found locally. This clearly adds to the economy and productivity of the nation.

This survey is constantly updated by DIAC at regular intervals. The update caters to the latest figures which are based on the data collected from sample of migrants in Australia. Above all, this report clearly depicts the needs and the requirements of the national economy. As and when the needs change, it would come out in the report. This would help the government to bring about the relevant amends in its policies which would further enhance the development of the nation.

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