More Support to Southern Ontario Immigrants

Ontario, situated in central Canada, is one of the most popular immigration destinations across the globe. This particular Canadian province is home to more than 12 million people across the nation. Area-wise, it is the second-largest province of the nation.

The capital city of Ontario is Toronto, which is the residence to 5.3 million people. This largest Ontario city is the financial hub of the country. Besides Toronto, the other significant cities of Ontario include London, Hamilton, Thunder Bay, Kingston and Sudbury.

According to a recent report, immigrants to the Kitchener-Waterloo county of Ontario will receive more support than before, as the Immigration Partnership Council (IPC) of the province has recently declared that the new migrants to this Northern part of Ontario will be provided with better assistance for making them a part of the community.

The said report also has mentioned that the IPC will provide all the necessary help to the immigrants in settling down and finding employment in the province, through integration with the Waterloo Region Immigrant Employment Network.

The IPC has become one of the 45 such immigration councils across the province, and by providing the necessary assistance to the immigrants of Kitchener-Waterloo, it is helping the seventh most demanding destination across Canada for new immigrants to the country. At present, 22% of this region’s population is due to immigration.

Waterloo is the home of Research in Motion or RIM, the well- known Blackberry makers, and the world class Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, established with the help of the RIM founder. All these have made this region of Canada an attractive destination for the overseas aspirants.

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