Supporters Urge Government to Let Iranian Preacher Stay in Australia!

Many hundreds of supporters of a Muslim preacher in Australia came together and protested against the government’s decision to deport him to his native country, Iran. The supporters organized a rally in the national capital of Australia, Canberra. According to the Australian intelligence agencies, the alleged cleric, Sheik Mansour Laghaei can pose as a security threat to the country. But, his supporters have to say that he is a decent preacher.

The Australian government considers that the Iranian man is a security threat to the country and which is why it wants to send him back to Iran. Reportedly, the alleged entered Australia in the year 1994, on a temporary visa. The non-citizen in the country is touted to be a spy for Tehran. But, he has denied all the allegations at the first place. However, the Australia government has not revealed any of the allegations, as it is not allowed to disclose any specific details of the allegations.

Reportedly, the intelligence agents have found explosive material pertaining to Jihad that Sheik brought from Iran to Australia in the mid-1990s. However, the latter said that the agents have misinterpreted many of the material. Ever since the leakage of these reports, Sheik has been in a legal battle to stay in Australia. Over the time, he has got the sympathy and support of many religious groups in Australia, including Jews, Buddhists and Christians.

The recent rally is outcome of their support for Sheik. Over 900 hundred supporters united to urge the government not to send him back to Iran. Besides, they have also requested the Australian Prime Minister in written to look into the matter.

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