Swell Available H-1B Permit Numbers: US Senator

Latest available reports pouring in from the various sources suggest that a US Republican Senator has proposed legislation to boost the overall figures of the H-1B visas. These visas are issued to those overseas people who have graduated from a US-based university with a master’s and doctoral degree. He proposed a bill which would make an extra 55,000 visas available every year for such students.

He observed that the legislation would not add to the overall numbers of the existing US visas. If enacted, the act would, sort of, kill the famous Green Card Lottery program. And the 55,000 diversity visas from the scheme of the Green Card Lottery Visa would be earmarked for the H-1B visa scheme. However, bringing the curtains down on the said scheme may raise a lot of controversy and invite heated discussions across the country.

The senator argued that the pronouncement to swell the number of the H-1B visas to make it possible for the overseas mathematicians, scientists, engineers and others having high-tech qualifications to work in the nation is crucial and in the interest of the US technology firms, adding this bill would give the many national industries a cutting-edge, and offer a much stronger base for long-term economic growth and job opportunities across the country.

He continued that people must realize how America grew and prospered. It was built brick-by-brick. He further said that at the present the country has close to 2 million vacant high-tech vacancies.

Significantly, the senator is also keen on a law which would assist the kids of the unlawful migrants, who wish to study in the colleges of the US and/or serve in the defense forces of the nation. Currently–and according to an estimate–there are anywhere between 1 and 2 million unauthorized migrant children staying on the US soils.

It is unclear if other Republicans in the US Senate would back the proposed law.

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