Temporary Foreign Worker Program stands simplified now.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program stands simplified now

In the latest development, there has been an alteration in the directions for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program for a more straightforward and understandable reference. Currently, the overview page shall provide additional information related to Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and what is the connection between that department, the Canada Border Services Agency, and the IRCC.

The Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) review page states how to assess the sections of the LMIA. On the other hand, the regulated or certified occupations page teaches how to review if a profession is regulated and what steps to follow.

These directions regarding the suspension of the LMIA and their consequence on work permits were divided into individual pages. What has been added instead of a new page based on the denial of the ECDC to develop processes?

There has been a revocation of the LMIA, which means taking off the prior decision that can alter the opinion. There can be a revocation of the LMIA if it has not expired or work permits have yet to be issued by the IRCC.

The revocation should only be put into action if there is trustworthy or documented evidence to ensure that the fresh info or change in conditions shall affect the evaluation of the factors under section R203.

The suspension of the LMIA shall mean that there shall be no validity of the LMIA till there is a lifting up on the LMIA. Certain occupations in Canada have been regulated to prevent the public, meaning that immigration officials should be satisfied with an overseas worker as part of their evaluation of their ability to do the specific job.

If the officer has reasons to believe that the person is not suitable for the job, the officer is not allowed to issue a work permit under R200(3)(a). Also, there shall be a refusal of the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) of a Labour Market Impact Assessment application that has no impact on the IRCC or CBSA.

There is much fraudulent activity happening in the name of LMIA. The candidates are made to believe that the issuance of an LMIA implies that an officer at the Local consulate will approve the Work Permit. That is not the case, and the clients should be careful about the genuineness of the Job offer, the occupation to which it is related, and whether he will be able to meet the requirements of the occupation in which the LMIA has been issued.

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