Thanks To US Immigration Act Indian Outsourcers To Pay More H-1B Charges

According to reports, the involved group of the US senators has made public its draft immigration reform legislation even as it allegedly denotes that the key losers will be none other than the outsourcing firms from India which, of late, have emerged as a force to reckon with on the world outsourcing services map, and ushered a revolution of sorts in the domain. Amongst the top 10 services outsourcing organizations companies worldwide, 6 happen to have Indian roots.

New Delhi reacts furiously

Predictably, the government of India has strongly reacted to the proposals that the temporary work permit system may undergo BIG changes even while a concerned secretary has observed that the unrestricted movement of qualified experts–for temporary employment opportunities–is a trade-related issue, and it must be kept away from the matter of immigration. He added that it’s crucial that the Indo-US trade ties align to the long-standing strategic agenda which backs all-round development & growth in the two flourishing markets.

Prior to the release of the draft bill, NASSCOM–the renowned Indian IT industry group—had observed that the efforts to make the Indian companies pay their staff more would hit Indian business groups. In this connection, the NASSCOM chief had reportedly said that he believed that the development would be unfair, purposely targeted at the Indian enterprises, and give their US-based competitors an unfair competitive edge over them.

Echoing somewhat similar feelings, the Indian representative to the US had also expressed her sentiments against the amendments, prior to the draft bill was made public. She had apparently observed that, minus the Indian permit holders, American companies & the consumers would fail to draw benefits from the services. And, while the pace of employment generation across the nation would suffer fresh work-opportunities would drift elsewhere.

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