Thanks to UK & EU Association Scotland Well Protected from Mass Immigration

In a major development, a concerned person has reportedly said that Scotland is much safer and better protected by being a key part of the European Union (EU). She added that its association with the United Kingdom (UK) is also in its overall interests, even as it has much benefited on this score — especially on the vital issue of joint working in its crusade against the big curse of the global terrorism.

She issued a warning of sorts when she added that if Scotland acquires independence its borders may become wide open for mass immigration from almost across the world. She added that in the backdrop of the danger of separation staring the nation rather hard in its face, the country requires the Conservatives’ presence on its side even more than what may have the case earlier.

She further said that though the nation may survive as an independent country, together it remains comparatively much stronger and much more secure. She continued that thanks to its UK association, Scotland remains pretty stronger on the global platform, stronger in safeguarding its independence in Europe, and also comparatively much stronger in its neighborhood. She further said that the UK has a shared goal even as it has drawn a plethora of benefits from its working together to protect its frontiers.

She added the UK had thrown its massive weight behind and reacted positively to the terrorist attack made recently on the Glasgow Airport of Scotland. She continued that on its part the police forces of Scotland have been actively working with their counterparts in England and Wales so that the Glasgow Commonwealth Games of 2014 becomes safe and secure for all the involved parties.

She signed off saying working together the nation is actively and productively fighting the big menace of global terrorism.

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