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Migrating to Hungary

The Basics

The stunningly beautiful European nation of Hungary has a total land area of 93,033 square km. The nation shares its borders with Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Croatia, and Austria, besides Slovenia. By and large, Hungary is flat dotted with not too high Mountains in its northern regions. The famous, also the biggest lake in Central Europe, Lake Balaton, is situated in Hungary. Budapest is the capital city, also the country’s largest city, and was initially two different cities, namely, Buda and Pest. It lives along the renowned River Danube, and is quite rich in history and culture even as it is also celebrated for its restorative springs.

Hungary is a member of the EU and of the Schengen visa zone. The cost of living in Hungary is significantly lower compared to other European countries (e.g. real estate, utilities, public transportation, private clinics and schools are all cheaper). Hungary has a population of 9.8 million.

Living and doing business in Hungary

The cost of living in Hungary may not be very low-priced in every manner, but the country, overall, is a practically good value for those who wish to enjoy a good life without spending much in Europe. People shifting to Budapest, the state capital, from a comparable sized European city, North America, or for that matter Australia, may reduce their general operating costs by as much as 50% even as the remaining regions of Hungary cost comparatively less.

Living here…


The occupants give their rent expenses in 100s, and not 1000s, and one will hardly come across any single person or pair shelling-out more than $500 every month, even in Budapest. When one moves into comparatively smaller towns, he can get a big home for that.


In Hungary, the medical care is overall good even while dental care is awesome. Against the backdrop of cross -border medical  care  becoming  a  common  thing  in  several  places  across  the  globe,  Hungary  has  joined  the  party  with  full enthusiasm.  Several  people  from  Europe  and  elsewhere  land  on  the  nation’s  soils  for  dental  work  performed  or  to benefit from nice medical care at a concession.

Food and  Drink

One may usually have an incredibly fine dinner complete with wine for just $15 in the country. In case one enjoys food at more modest places, a soup will cost maybe a dollar, and chief food-items .

Why Hungary is a great place to live in

  • Stable economy with clear intentions of government to facilitate business and investments.
  • Hungary can prove to be a launch pad for business as this country is member of European Union, which allows the business oriented people to access a large market segment constituting of about 250 million people within a 1000km radius and the EU common market that comprises of more than 500 million people.
  • Being at the heart of Europe and having a well developed infrastructure like business ready industrial sites, offices and science parks makes Hungary a best location for manufacturing, services and logistics business.
  • This eastern European country is the best deal when it comes to entrepreneurs and investors intending to establish and develop business enterprise to foray into European markets.
  • Literate, efficient training ready and cheap labor force
  • Government offers a plethora of sops to investors (cash subsidy, tax allowance)
  • Being a full time signatory of Schengen treaty allows the PR visa holders to travel across the Schengen zone without needing special visa.
  • Visa free travel Freedom within European Union (EU) member nations* without visa
  • Make application for Citizenship after 8 years of being permanent Resident.
  • Get a right 28 EU countries right to live and work for the family
  • Children can study in Universities throughout Europe at Subsidized and pay highly reduced tuition fee as a EU resident
  • Avoid EU import duties on goods and services
  • Higher standard of equality and human rights
  • Participation in foreign social security programs
  • Participation in national health programs
  • Access to the largest trading block in the world
  • Enhance freedom for you and your family
  • Children can stay in Europe after finishing their studies
  • Powerful tool for international tax planning
  • Lowest tax regime in Europe allows you to keep your wealth – 10%
  • Lowest business running costs in Europe
  • Low labor costs
  • Highly educated work force
  • Member of NATO
  • Secure banking and financial sector
  • 2-3 hours from all main EU airport hubs
  • Links Europe and Asia

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