The Controversial Aussie Politician Moves to the UK!

According to reports in Women’s Day, Pauline Hanson, former anti-immigration politician of Oz land, is moving towards the UK, stating that she had enough of living in the land of Kangaroos and the same is no longer decked with opportunities too!

The lady at the age of 56 is pretty sure that she wants to move to the UK and confirms that its goodbye forever! She went on to say that she needs contentment in her life. Her father was born in UK before moving to Australia, which gives her the right to stay in UK. The former leader of One Nation Party aims for attaining peace in Britain!

Various politicians have different views on this step taken by Ms Hanson. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott believes that he was not very happy with her plans but at end of the day it’s her decision.

Ms Hanson got popular during the era of 1990s; when she flaunted her anti-immigration policies, but went on to lose her seat in the year 1998. Her failure in Queensland state election last year was justified by her as a result of filthy photographs taken by her ex-boyfriend that actually turned out to be photographs of some other personality!

It is a well known fact that Ms Hanson has always remain in the circle of controversies throughout her political period of 14 years so far. It was in the year 2003, when the lady was convicted of electoral fraud and was jailed for a span of three years. She went on to announce the end of her political career in the year 2004. Contrary to her announcement, she stood up again but failed to get ample votes.

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