The face of Canada Immigration in future

The face of Canada Immigration in future

For several years, Canada has remained the most preferred destination among the immigrants, especially for Indians. Therefore, Canada Immigration has a considerable charm in India, and every year, lakhs of applicants file for Canada PR Visa or Canadian education. Not only this, they form a significant proportion of migrants to Canada every year. In 2019, approximately half of the immigrants that were invited by Canada were Indians.

It would be safe to say that as much as Indians like to move to Canada, the country is equally interested in inviting the deserving candidates to contribute to Canada’s growth while offering them permanent residency in Canada. Due to the pandemic, Canada Immigration took a hit, and the number of migrants targeted in the year fell significantly.

However, to cope with the loss, Canada’s Immigration Minister announced the immigration targets for the next three years, intended to invite over a million migrants in Canada in this time frame. He emphasized the role of the migrants as the driving force behind Canada’s post-pandemic development. The focus shall be upon economic migration, and three-fourth of the total number of migrants will belong to this category.

The country is also looking forward to inviting international students to form a significant part of the population that obtain Canada PR after they complete their graduation in the country. There will be a massive demand for employees in the healthcare sector, the technology sector, and research and innovation. Also, Canada will be pleased to invite migrants on Start-up and Entrepreneur visa to pump money into the Canadian economy and create employment opportunities for the locals.

To support the intent of inviting more migrants, Canada has already released massive Express Entry Draws. It is a surprise that despite being a tough year, 2020 has become the record-breaking year for Express Entry as it has invited a maximum number of migrants since its inception. Apart from this, a dedicated budget is in place to modernize the migration system. Also, as Quebec operates its immigration program, it has announced increased immigration targets for the upcoming year.

All these events that have happened recently indicate a more robust and friendly migration attitude. The interested people have a golden opportunity to apply for Canada Immigration under different pathways. The international students, skilled workers, especially in the healthcare and technology sector, and business people have quite strengthening prospects, provided they are eligible as per the grounds established by the Canadian Government.

As the New Year is around the corner, taking steps towards becoming a Canadian citizen would be a great start. One right choice can turn the lives of the upcoming generations for your family. Make the first move and speak to the most trustworthy immigration consultancy – Abhinav Immigration Services and get the most genuine advice for your migration prospects for Canada. For more information, you can connect with us on 8595338595 or [email protected]

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