The Immigration Appeal Division

IAD takes decision on matter linked with following Immigration appeals:

  • Sponsorship Appeals: you may appeal to IAD, if your application to sponsor your relative to Canada has been rejected. It is mandatory that you should hold a PR or should be a citizen of Canada. You can appeal in the following cases:
    1. If the family members has been charged of serious criminal offence or has linkage with an organized crime.
    2. The application has been earlier rejected on security grounds or violation of human rights.
    3. Misrepresentation
  • Removal Order Appeals: If you have been ordered removed from Canada, you have all the right to apply in the Immigration Appeal Division. If the applicant is found guilty of any of the below mentioned facets, he may lose his eligibility to apply for the same:
    1. Has committed a serious crime and has been sentenced an imprisonment of more than two years/ holds involvement in an organized crime.
    2. Has been rejected on security grounds
    3. Has been charged of violation against human or international rights.
  • Residency Obligation Appeals: The applicants may lose their PR, if found that they have failed to fulfill the requirements of residency obligation. It is mandatory to show a physical presence of 730 days out of every 5 years. Those who are deprived of their PR on the basis of the above mentioned facet may apply to the IAD.
  • Minister’s Appeal: The Minister of Public Safety can present an appeal to the IAD on the basis of admissibility made by the ID.

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