The Ordeal on Canada Immigration of South Korean Family is Likely to Resolved!

The laws of Canada Immigration include a provision of inadmissibility on medical ground. The family which is basically from South Korean was asked that they might have to encounter deportation due to their son who was the youngest member of the family. He was diagnosed with epileps and autism. According to the department, it may charge the health & education system of the country very much. With this concern, the family was sent a notice to leave the country by June end. This South Korean family has been staying in Moncton ever since they have migrated to Canada.

But now this issue is seemed to be resolved with a letter received from the province by the federal government of Canada. That letter states that all their needs for educational, health related and societal service will be taken care of properly if the family gets the resident status of permanent or temporary type in the country.

Referring to the situation, Conservative MP for Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe has commented, “There’s been a real show of support for the family and for all the right reasons. They’re very productive and look they’re an integral part of our society in Moncton and that’s exactly where we want to keep them”.

He also said, “So I’m very pleased for them and, listen, if we would have had to put 10 times as much effort, we’d have done the same thing. I’m just glad it’s coming to a halt before even close to this deadline that was looming on June 30.”

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