The problems involved with multiculturalism in Canada!

Multiculturalism has been the essence of Canada. Till 1971 the immigration policies mostly emphasized on facets like culture and language. But with the flow of more immigrants in to the nation, this focus was shifted to anti-racist immigrant policies.

In 1982, Multiculturalism was fused as an integral part of the Canadian constitution. Every individual was equal under the law no matter what’s his/her race, religion, color, ethnic origin, any kind of disability, age etc. Discrimination of any individual based on his race was a punishable offense. Eventually the Multiculturalism Act was introduced for the nation in 1988.

But the problems began with the introduction of reservations/quotas for the recently immigrated individuals. This angered and even got the old citizens insecure on their status as a Canadian citizen. From the earlier special preference for the French speaking Canadians the focus was now shifted to immigrants and women. The Canadian nationals of British descent including the French speaking Canadians felt quite left out from the newly introduced special policies.

More and more people were immigrating to Canada, result of which there was a rapid modification in the Canadian population and culture. The adaptation to various cultures of the world was not easy for the Canadians. The integration of immigrants under one roof i.e. the Canadian culture was a challenge for the immigrants as well as the existing citizens. The ability of the immigrants to understand the democratic make-up that was the foundation of Canadian politics was tested. The francophone population wondered if the immigrants would learn French or modify their own culture.

Multiculturalism has led to a fuzzy sense of nationalism in some people’s mind. Cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Montréal though reluctantly have accepted multiculturalism as a part of the Canadian culture. The fact is Canada requires immigrants, and hence no one turns their backs to immigration.

The immigrants just want to be recognized as Canadian citizens. Not a deviant name of some ethno groups.

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