The Residence Calculator for Canadian Citizenship!

If you are applying for a Canadian citizenship, you must know of the Residence Calculator. It is applicable for all adults who are of 18 years and above. This calculator is helpful in finding out if you as a permanent resident are eligible for Canadian citizenship. In this process, the period of your stay in Canada would be calculated as being apt enough or not for you to qualify for a permanent citizenship.

The eligibility requirement for a citizenship entails you to have resided in Canada for a minimum of 3 years before submitting your application. With this, you must have lived as a Permanent Resident for another 2 years.

While calculating your eligibility, only the following would be considered:

  • Only the last four years prior to the date of your application would be counted.
  • Every single date prior to your permanent residence permit is counted as half day.
  • Each day post the PR approval would be counted as one full day.
  • In case, you have been sentenced to prison, then the time spent in the prison would not cater to residence.
  • If you have not been residing in Canada, it might affect your case. A citizenship judge takes the final decision on whether to grant a citizenship or not.

A residence calculator is very handy when it comes to deciding when to apply for your application. It involves three basic calculations which involve:

  • Basic Residence – This is the minimum time that is mandatory to apply for Canadian citizenship. This caters to 1,095 days. This calculation does not consider your absence from the country. Although, the time spent in the country as a part of the sentence would not be counted. If you apply prior to the initial 3 years of residence, your application would simply be rejected and returned.
  • Basic Residence With The Addition Of A Sentence – Under this, the time spent serving for the sentence is deducted from the entire period of stay in Canada. This sentence includes the time spent in a jail, prison, a conditional sentence, probationary residence and on parole and so on. This is in accordance to the Section 21 of the Citizenship Act which prohibits the counting of the sentence period. Your application would be rejected if found the basic residence period below the specified days.
  • Physical Presence – This caters to the amount of time that you have been actually present in the country in the last 4 years minus the sentence.

In order to use a Residence Calculator, you must submit an application with the correct dates mentioned. With this, enlisting the right timelines for absence from the country is mandatory. Based on the information you present, the residence calculator would inform you whether you are eligible or not.

Incase you are found to be eligible; you can take a print of this page and submit it with your application for citizenship. This way, you would be exempt from filling the sections 7 (e) and 7 (g) of the application form.

However, if you are not found to be eligible, the calculator would provide you with a date as to when you would qualify to apply. At that point of time, you can again calculate your status.

The best suggestion at this point of time is to contact an Immigration and Visa specialist who can guide you appropriate with respect to the currents terms and conditions posed by the Canadian government.

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