What is third-party language test Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program?

In July 2012, Canadian government stopped accepting the applications. Recently Canadian Immigration and Citizenship department announced that the program would be restarting this year with few amendments. These amendments are made to see that immigrants with most suitable employability get visa approval. Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program comes under the category of permanent immigration programs. It is a point-based procedure in which applicants need to earn minimum cut-off points in order to qualify for the visa application. They must earn at least sixty seven out of hundred. These points can be earned on the basis o following factors:-

  • Applicant’s work experience
  • Applicant’s education background
  • Applicant’s language proficiency (English and French)
  • Applicant’s age
  • Applicant’s adaptability and few more

You must have clean police record. Visa program would also require your medical details. According to the data of Canadian Immigration and citizenship department, almost ninety percent of people are employed and self-employed.

Language is one of the most important factors when it comes to improve employability in Canada. Canada is a country with two official languages so if you gain expertise in at least one of them it will be beneficial. These two languages are French and English. They hold maximum value in point grid. It can help you to score as much as twenty-nine points. The languages are classified as first language and second language. First language is expected to be your preferred language and can help you earn up to twenty-five points. The language proficiency is judged on the basis of your scores in language test Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program.

What is third-party language test Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program?

These are language tests administered by third parties, which are not associated with either the applicants. They are well-known international language expert organizations. Applicants between the ages of eighteen to fifty-four are eligible to apply for Canada Federal Worker Program. They may appear for the tests administered by third parties.

  • CELPIP General (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program General test)
  • CELPIP General-LS – a two-skills (listening and speaking) version of the CELPIP General test
  • IELTS – General training (International English Language Testing System)
  • Test d’Évaluation de Français (TEF) (in French only)
  • Test d’Évaluation de Français adapté au Québec (TEFAQ) (in French only)
  • TEF épreuves orales – a two-skills (listening and speaking) version of the TEF

You may also use degree or certificate or diploma documents if you have completed any of them from a secondary Canadian school board or from post-secondary school in Canada.

These tests play an important role in application approval for Canadian Federal skilled worker program. It is suggested to learn these languages and take tests before applying under this immigration program. This year immigration and citizenship department of Canada has put more emphasis on the language proficiency and age of the applicant. Younger the applicant betters the chances of via approval. Language knowledge is something an applicant can work hard on to improve their chances of visa approval. In case of any trouble, one can always seek guidance of a good immigration consultant. An immigration consultant can help you and guide you to gain proper knowledge and he/ she can prevent you from committing common silly mistakes eventually strengthening your chance of federal skilled worker visa approval.

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