Time Opportune for Australia Immigration for Qualified Overseas Chemists

As per certain reports, the time is opportune for trained Chemists to move to Australia with a Skilled Worker Visa. The nation has brought-out its occupation lists, even while this vocation finds mention on these underlining the official requirement of them in the country. For those not tuned in, the profession is given under the ANZSCO Code 232411 on the various Australian occupation lists.

The aspirants from the profession can look forward to be accepted for the skilled overseas movement to Oz, via several popular visa plans with these being the major ones, namely,  Temporary Business (Long Stay) (Subcategory 457), and Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS). However, before the same, it is required that they present their Expression of Interests (EOIs) through the SkillSelect.

Chemists: Who They Are, What They Do & Their Qualifications?

A person who studies and is trained in chemistry is known as Chemist. He basically studies the characteristics and small scale properties of matters. He studies at the micro level, like studying the density & acidity of matter rather than their size and shape. He describes matter on molecular level and composition of the atoms of matters. He is trained to carefully measure proportions, reactions, and other chemical properties of substances.

With all this knowledge in hand, a Chemist can be described as a medical professional who doles-out drugs to patients according to a prescription ordered by a physician or other clinician. This is their main role or activity to deliver prescribed medicine by the doctor or any other medical agency. As he possesses in-depth knowledge of Chemistry, and drugs and how they work and their reaction, he can advise the patient on any drug. The Chemist helps patients by giving them knowledge about medicines.

While dispensing drugs, this expert must take due care to give accurate measure and dosage, beside safety to the patient. And a chemist can also educate the patient about the prescribed medicine by his doctor like how to take the medicine, reactions, side effect, what care should be taken while taking the medicine.

Now to become a chemist one would need graduate degree, like PharmD or Doctorate of Pharmacy.  After college, one can start this 4-year course and must pass the PCAT test to get the degree course. Before the main course, one has to undergo a two year undergraduate course as well.  The subjects that are usually taught during pharmacy include Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology. So a total of 6 years of pharmacy study is needed to become a qualified Chemist.

A chemistry degree is a powerful facilitator, which is needed to launch you in the world of medicines. Chemistry graduates are made for immediate employment. A chemistry bachelor has a variety of option for him like in industry, government sector, private healthcare or academics.  More than this, the undergraduate, who goes for advanced studies, has even more options to choose from.

Chemistry is further divided into other sub disciplines. There are main and more specialized field of chemistry for further studies. There is an ever growing and strong demand of Chemists and the future for them is bright.

Chemists enjoy job security and stability. Besides this, there are jobs available throughout the nation and the medical facilities are growing so does their reach. And an expert in the line-of-work can work under various settings. As with other medical streams, there can be issue of burnt-out with a chemist job. While the earning of this professional is very good, his job-profile and salary does not change much over the years. As a qualified Chemist, you will be doing the same repetitive work of dispensing medicine for 15 years from the time you were out of the college.

These experts need to stand on their feet most of the time to dispense and find medicine. And the work can be repetitive as well. Sometimes, it becomes boring for few while many will enjoy helping the patients. Every specialist should take due care not to dispense the wrong medicine, lest his license gets cancelled barring him from medical field.

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