Time Perfect for Skilled ICT Project Managers, Australia Immigration Ready to Welcome Them!

If the ANZSCO code 135112 for ICT Project Manager is your current occupation then you stand a excellent chance of Australia Immigration. ‘The Land of Kangaroos’, Australia offers a great deal of immigration opportunities to the ICT Project Managers as the demand for these professionals has increased at a greater pace across the country, of late.

Since decades, ‘Down Under’ undoubtedly is the Number one choice among immigrants globally. The reason remains the same: the country exposes immigrants to a high standard of living, and also the possibility of safe and secure future. The country is known for its rich cultural and peaceful environment. Perhaps, it has most successfully attracted the creamy skilled layer from round the world, and proudly won the title of the Number 1 immigration destination.

Job Profile- ICT Project Managers

These professionals plan, supervise, organize and coordinate between various accredited ICT projects. They are accountable for Information Technology (IT) or communications projects from the initial planning stage to the execution and implementation of a solution.

These specialists allot responsibilities, set a deadline, and set a budget to complete the project. From time-to-time, they conduct meetings with team members and monitor ongoing progress. They make sure that the working team has all the required resources available to fulfill the responsibilities with given time period.

Key Responsibilities

  • Analyze information needs and specify various technologies to meet required needs.
  • Direct and formulate various information and communication technology policies, strategies and plans.
  • Supervise the selection as well as installation of various ICT resources and the provision of user training.
  • Supervise ICT operations and set priorities between system developments, maintenance and operations.
  • Look after the security of ICT systems.

Compensation Received

ICT Project Managers receive compensation as per their individual experience and capabilities of managing team and project. Ideally, in a professionally competitive environment, these professionals receive between AUS$53,506 and $131,385 annually.

For the ICT Project Managers who are interested in Australia Immigration, the occupation is mentioned in the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List and RSMS Occupations List. Since the occupation is featured on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL), it is possible to apply for a Skilled Nominated 190 Visa, a Skilled Regional Nominated 489 Visa or a number of other employer sponsored visa only if you have a offer letter from Australian employer.

Looking at the present scenario, the scope of ICT Project Manager seems to be promising, and it is likely the demand will only increase further giving a tough competition to recruit the best capable professionally individually. So if you are a ICT Project Manager working hard to succeed you have a option to immigrate, and if yet you have not thought about it, start thinking know. Your laborious attitude and dedication towards your job can open the gates of opportunity on you. Consult Australian High Commission today and assess your immigration possibility, and be ready to bring your carrier to different level!

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