Time Running Out for US 2015 Green Card Lottery Submissions

According to a report, the US’ 2013’s Diversity Immigrant Permit Scheme—renowned across the world as the Green Card Lottery–will become unavailable from November 2, 2013 onwards. Given this, every interested candidate would do well to file a petition prior to the said date.

Per annum, half a million Permanent Resident Permits–or the US Green Cards–are proffered to lucky candidates, through the well-known Green Card Lottery system. The submissions ought to be made online even while there are no charges whatsoever for the same.

The yearly Green Card Lottery was 1st held in way back during 1995. It is available to the nationals of nations with traditionally low levels of immigration to the US even as it’s allegedly tailored to boost the US populace’s unique diversity. Every year, every petition is entered into a lottery while half-a-million blessed persons are chosen randomly.

The fortunate winners should afterwards send their particulars to the concerned national immigration department which will check that they fulfill the nation’s admission condition. Even in case one is picked-up by the lottery, the aspirant will fail to make the cut until and unless he has pursued education at a stage that corresponds to concluding American high school or; he is armed with 2 years of experience in a qualifying vocation during the past 5 years.

Nationals of just 19 nations prevented from submitting a submission

One may only file a petition for 2013’s Diversity Immigrant Visa Program in case he is from a nation which has a not too high rate of overseas movement to the US during the past 5 years. This year, the citizens of Nigeria may not file a petition any more with the reason being more than half-a-million nationals of this nation have moved to the US during the past 5 years. Among other nations–the nationals of which cannot file a petition this year–India, Jamaica, Mexico, Pakistan, etc, are noteworthy.

DV-15 could be the very last

Significantly, 2013’s Green Card Lottery could be the very last from the coffers of US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). As it is too well known, the incumbent US President has thrown his weight behind an all-inclusive US immigration improvement which he has wished to concretize during his second term in the office, at all costs.

Reportedly, many bills are placed before the US Congress which would–in case they are given a green signal–put an end to the lottery system. For example, the STEM Jobs Act would do away with the lottery even as it would provide permanent residency rights, via Green Cards, to an impressive 50,000 graduates from the many national universities in the STEM subjects.

Therefore–in case one has ever thought of filing a petition through the Diversity Immigrant Permit Scheme–he would do well to do the same NOW.

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