Tips To Find Genuine Immigration and Visa Consultants in India

Due to high standards of qualification and tenacity to work efficiently in the Indian masses, hordes of people consider immigrating to a foreign land for better opportunities each year. In countries like U.S, U.K, Singapore, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Canada there exists a well set Indian population already. An increasing percentage of people move to these countries each year looking for better education and job prospects. Apart from immigration, there are thousands of people who go abroad for a limited amount of time with a purpose of recreational tour or business visit. Immigration and Visa consulting industry thrives because of these cases.

However, for an applicant it very important to keep in mind certain tips to find genuine immigration and visa consultants in India as a lot of fraudulent companies fool vulnerable and uninformed people. For starters, it is important to choose a visa and immigration consultant suggested by a trusted family member or a friend. This can ensure that the applicant’s case is in trusted hands and will be dealt with full efficiency. The internet can also be referred to for a choosing a good immigration and visa consultancy within the local and easy reach of the applicant along with reviews and feedback on the working of a particular service.

Upon approaching a particular Visa and Immigration service one must check for all the relevant registration certificates, licences and diplomas requisite to the legal standing of a visa and immigration consulting service. In the absence of necessary documents it is unsafe to let the consultant handle the applicant’s case as it becomes prone to fraud and mishandling. Immigration laws of countries are very stringent and the whole process of documentation and processing take a lot of time. Therefore, one has to be really careful on the choice of consultant who will be majorly handling all these aspects. One wrong move can greatly delay or can cancel the entire process of immigration. Moreover, there are a lot of fake consultancies which encourage innocent applicants into making fake documents to speed up the immigration process. These fraud documents eventually get discovered by the authorities leading to cancellation of immigration and debarment from that particular country. In worst of cases both immigrant and the consultant can go behind the bars and legally penalised for present false documents to the authorities. Therefore, it becomes very necessary to thoroughly check the background of the immigration and visa consultant. One must ask for referrals from the consultancy itself, successful cases who can give testimony to their fair proceedings.

Before signing any documents and contracts from the consultancy one must thoroughly check all the clauses from the contract and feel free to question the consultant in case of any confusion. If a discrepancy is suspected in any of the clauses, one must feel free to drop the consultant altogether as there is no dearth of genuine consulting services. Also, the applicant must acquire a written or printed copy of all the costs which are to be incurred in the process. It is advisable to choose a consultant who provides additional services post immigration like house hunting, job, health insurance etc. Visa and Immigration consulting services can be selected on the basis of location as well, as a local consulting company provides easy and better access whereas a consulting company in the location of the other country helps post immigration.

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