Are you tired of Indian cities? Bulgaria offers a great quality of life at a similar cost of living.

Let’s face it. Some of the best cities in India are unfortunately, also the ones with the lowest standards of living. Take for example Delhi. The air you breathe in is toxic and pollution levels are at an all time high. Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune…you name it and you will see that it’s not easy living in Indian cities.

Living in an Indian metropolis comes with a high price tag attached (with regards to property, rent prices, eating out etc.). But poor infrastructure, lack of amenities, overcrowding etc. are increasingly making it difficult to live in these cities especially if you are the sort who likes a quality of life.

Living Standard in Bulgaria.
Living Standard in Bulgaria.

Moving to countries like Bulgaria, then, offers an ideal solution for people wishing to maintain the same standard of living within similar costs and with much more added benefits.

Take for example, a Mumbaiite moving to Sofia, Bulgaria. He will be spending the same amount of money to live in Sofia as he did in Mumbai but this move comes with terrific advantages.

  1. Breathe clean and easy
    With minimum pollution levels, Bulgaria is a clean and green country. The healthy, clean air and pristine surroundings are a major draw for many applicants.
  2. No traffic
    Getting anywhere from point A to point B in any major Indian city, during office hours, takes strategic planning akin to a war strategy. Congested roads, too many vehicles and roadblocks makes commuting in Indian cities extremely painful. In fact, on an average day, people spend close to 1.5 to 2 hours commuting to and from work. Bulgaria, on the other hand, has the benefit of low population so much so that even on a workday, you can enjoy a ride to your work.
  3. Hygienic living conditions
    Indian cities are known for their deplorable hygiene conditions. Not only do you end up paying a lot, in terms of rentals etc. but also, the cities are filled with poor quality of roads, garbage dumps, slums, poor quality of municipal work, contaminated water, inconsistent drainage during monsoons etc. A lot of educated Indian city dwellers often grapple with the feeling that they have been cheated. Simply put, they don’t get what they paid for. Not so with Bulgarian cities.
  4. Better chances and quality of education
    Schools and colleges in Bulgaria offer better standards of education in comparison with that in Indian cities. Not only that, it’s easier to get admission in schools because of the low density of population. Let’s not forget that there are some excellent educational exchange programs within the EU, which offer children a whole range of experience and exposure.
  5. Safety for women
    It’s the sad truth that increasingly, with every passing day, the newpapers are filled with reports of women being harmed, teased or molested even in the busiest of Indian cities. In comparison, Bulgaria is supposed to be one of the safest for women. At the max, certain women who have recently gone there have reported that people have a strange manner of starring at them. But even men get starred at, so it’s probably nothing but curiosity when they spot a person who looks out of place.
  6. Extremely empathetic people
    A lot of people in big Indian cities seem to see this as a major problem, a lack of empathy. In spite of being such crowded places, there have been plenty of reports of citizens turning a blind eye towards accident victims, eve teasing etc. On the contrary, the Bulgarians are a naturally curious lot. They are ever willing to lend a helping hand in case someone is in need or calls out for help.
  7. Fair balance of work and play
    India is a country which is notorious for its skewed work-life balance. It is no wonder that more and more Indians, especially the urban youngsters, are veering towards depression, early onset of diabetes, heart diseases, all mostly related to the stressful lifestyle. Bulgaria on the contrary, has an inbuilt culture of activity. Skiing, fishing, trekking…such activities are easily accessible from all the major cities and the Bulgarians take complete advantage of the beautiful Bulgarian topography.

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(This blog post is a part of Abhinav’s special series “Bulgaria Calling”, compiled by Abhinav’s Research Team.)

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