Top 10 powerful reasons for migrating to Canada

When you see Canada ranked as the number one place to visit, you can bet you want to make this your new home, with Canada comprises of all the qualities that would want you to call it your next paradise. Internationally, it has been viewed as one of the topmost and best countries to move along with your family, be it for a professional reason or setting up or expanding your business in migrating to Canada. If you have been having the thought of setting up a new abode in an overseas location, then you will not be disappointed with Canada, as it emerges as a viable option when it comes to permanent settlement. Your Canada PR Visa all the more reason to take your immigration seriously. To clear your doubt, even the United Nations have ranked Canada, as one of the best places to live in.

To become a permanent resident, you need to undergo a Canada Immigration Process that involves filing, documentation, and processing time. Once you are eligible as per the requirements of the respective immigration program you choose to apply it, you will be sent an Invitation to Apply by the Immigration and Citizenship of Canada which you need to file within the stipulated time set by the IRCC. There are many pathways to go about getting your Canada PR Visa like the Express Entry Pathway wherein you are ranked as per the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) or the Provincial State Nomination within which a Canadian state, province or territory nominates you as per you meeting their designed requirements.

But why would you immigrate to Canada, out of all the countries Here are the Top powerful reasons why: 

  1. When you think of a safe place, there is no other place than Canada as it was awarded Canada an impressive 9.7 out of 10 for safety and security as per the OECD Better Life Index.
  2. With the government spending generously on education it offers its permanent citizens top of the line educational institutions.
  3. An Immigrant friendly nation with people from all over the world. Its multicultural diversity can be seen in the forward-thinking immigration policy they have launched.
  4. A fair and accessible healthcare and Medicare
  5. A stable economic environment with awesome trade and personal growth opportunities.
  6. Home to abundant natural resources
  7. Social Care benefits
  8. Sturdy banking system, with no bank failure since 1983
  9. Stable and progressive political climate
  10. An impressive legal system with emphasis on law enforcement.

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