Top Reasons for Canada Permanent Resident Permit Rejection

It is an open secret that every year a large number of aspirants, from across the globe, submit an application for Permanent Resident Visa (PRV) for Canada, for landing on the nation’s soils. It is also too well known that there is no dearth of the aspirants whose petitions submitted for the prized permit fail to make the cut and be accepted by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). If you happen to be one such unlucky candidate, you need to be aware of the reasons for the same, i.e., negative development.

Frankly speaking, there could be numerous grounds on the basis of which your submission may have been refused. Let’s see what could be the top reasons for the denial of Canada PRV!

Did you miss a deadline?

Missing the deadline for the presentation of PRV petition for the Maple Leaf Country may a major factor behind the rejection. The CIC has a deadline for the last date of presentation of petition application forms for these permits. And those, who fail to submit a petition on time, would surely be given a negative response and their application will not be entertained.

Did you twist facts?

Any falsification of details, related to a candidate’s crucial particulars, will certainly invite rejection. It may be either furnishing incorrect details, and/or not offering full details with a view to mask or cover facts before the CIC.

Is you background clean?

In case the aspirant is discovered to have violated any laws, or found involved with any criminal activities that could present a threat to the safety or health of other people in the Maple Leaf Country, then he will not be given a Canada PRV—and that’s certain.

Are you healthy?

Medical or health checks are compulsory for every aspirant for Canada PRV. It is essential that these checks are duly performed by any approved general practitioner. Those–who require medicine for any issues that could appear to be an unnecessary load for the nation’s universal healthcare system–could be denied admission.

Did you fail to attach important documents?

In case critical papers/certificates are not duly attached by the candidate, together with the petition form, the CIC will decline petition presented for Canada PRV.

Are you fully aware of the eligibility rules?

Candidates require knowing each and every eligibility condition for PRV, prior to filing a petition for the same. It denotes being aware of age, qualifications, and additional laws for presenting a petition. Inability to do the same is expected to invite rejection by the CIC.

Hence, it is binding to keep every condition in mind, prior to presenting a petition for a PRV for Canada.

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