Tougher Immigration Measures to Stop Extremists to Exploit the Issue!

According to the British Immigration Minister, Damian Green, the decision of the Coalition intending to cut down the annual immigration would decrease the intensity of the ongoing political debate in this regard. He made this statement at a speech which focused on laying out the details regarding the implementation of the governmental plans.

As per Mr. Green, having better controls over the students of foreign origin and their dependents would be given priority by the ministers. Over 300,000 such visas were granted in the previous year. It has been estimated by the Home Office that of every five foreign students who are permitted entry into the nation, one would continue to reside in the nation even after finishing their academic degree.

Such abuse of the immigration system has made possible for the extremists to accuse those immigrants who have been residing legally for all the social problems that the nation is facing. As per the minister, creating public confidence in the immigration system is important or the nation would continue to be susceptible to those finding reasons to blame the social problems.

He also mentioned that the Coalition would decrease the net immigration for those migrants coming from nations which are not a part of the European Union. This reduction would be in tens of thousands. It was 196,000 in the last year. This restriction would reduce the current pressure on the public services and would put a hold when it comes to immigration as a subject for political debate.

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