TPS for Haitians in US

The devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti has led to the immediate implementation of immigration reforms by many governments. The similar is the case with the United States. Many groups have been calling to act upon the status of the immigrants and refugees, especially those from Haiti.

Since the country is devastated, it would simply add to the already existing calamity that the country has been struck on. To ensure that the country copes with its present situation, all the immigrants including the illegal ones having been granted a temporary legal status. This status would not force them a deportation or to leave the country for that matter. Also, they can take up a local job and make a living for the time being.

As of now, there are around 30,000 Haitians in the US who are under the orders to be deported. They would be given a TPS or the Temporary Protected Status by the Department of Homeland Security.

Currently, this status has been given to immigrants from El Salvador, Somalia, Honduras, Sudan and Nicaragua. This status would permit a time period of eighteen months which could be extended at a later stage. The status for first granted to Honduras and Nicaragua way back in 1999 after the Mitch Hurricane.

This is an opportunity for these people to earn and send some money back home to rebuild their nation. This has also been promoted by the Federation for American Immigration Reform which is more known for its less immigration stand. However, the Federation feels that this status should later be lifted off once the specific country is out of crisis.

The status could be considered as the biggest support. However, the relevant measures must be taken.

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