Twenty-three immigration offenders arrested!

The Immigration department of Hong Kong has arrested 13 undocumented workers and ten people are taken into suspicion for recruiting them. The arrests happened when a territory-wide anti-illegal worker operation applauded as “Twilight”, commenced on November 1 and 2.

It was during the operation when 23 target locations were subject to various raids. Others destinations which were targeted include various eating outlets, salons, and street locations to name a few.

Amongst the undocumented workers, eight were men and women were five in number and age between 17 and 42. In addition to this, four women and three men are speculated of making use of fake documents like a illegal Hong Kong Identity card, to name a few.

There were nine men amongst the group and one woman, who are speculated to have recruited undocumented workers. These concerned people belong to the age group of 24 and 52.

According to a spokesperson from the immigration department of Hong Kong, people who visit Hong Kong are not allowed to get employment, whether paid or unpaid, without the permission of the Director of Immigration. If people are seen offending this law, they would be subjected to prosecution and if convicted, they would be subjected t a fine of $50,000. In addition, an imprisonment of up to two years would be inculcated on them.

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